Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gun Violence, Gun Control, Gun Stupidity

Population of the US:      323,730,000 [1] (Current)
Registered Gun Owners:   80,000,000 [2] (2010)
Guns:                               310,000,000 [3] (2014)

These statistics may seem a little odd. Nonetheless they are the current statistics (within respective margins of error) of gun ownership in the US. About 25% of the population owns a gun. And there are more guns (by other estimations other than [3]) in the US than actual citizens. Easily explainable buy numerous gun and weapon enthusiasts. There are only the registered guns; who knows how many illegal weapons there may be. 

Deaths by Heart Disease:              611,105 [7] (2013)
Deaths by Cancer:                         584,881 [7] (2013)
Deaths by Suicide:                          40,700 [6] (using the rate of 12.57 per 100,000 in 2013)
Deaths by Motor Vehicle:               32,675 [4] (2014)
Deaths by Murder:                          12,253 [5] (2013)
Deaths by Firearms:                          8,454 [5]
Deaths by murder of other means:   3,799  [5]

It's reasonable to say that murder by a gunman is one of the least likely ways to die. Note also that more murders are done with guns as people are less likely to survive a gun inflicted wound then by other weapons.

With current events [8] [9] [10] it's hard to get lost in the emotions of something as traumatic as losing loved ones. It's really easy to be provoked into thinking that guns are a problem. 

But the real truth is that more people die from preventable natural causes or mental health issues 10-100x more than murder by gun.

That's not too say these incidents of gun violence aren't tragedies; by all means they are. They are just as much of a tragedy as any other death.

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