Friday, June 10, 2016

Defeat of Sanders; Rise of Trump v. Hillary

The defeat of Bernie Sanders seems to be quite the upset. He's not that great of a candidate begin with. He espouses socialistic policy, but he has a history that cannot make him look true to them. He lived at a commune, which is the smallest form of a socialist society, to which he was kicked from. Why? He didn't not time taking politics then doing actual work. He never worked a steady job and he was the recipient of welfare programs. He was always seemingly poor. He has no skills. According to his policy that "anyone working 40 hours a week should be paid a living wage," does not apply to himself.

Sanders then ran for office. Which he was successful. Mayor for eight years, Representative for 16 years, Senator for nine. Successful so to mean that he has held an office for such a time. His time as a congressman has been unfruitful. He's had only three proposed legislations ever successfully become law. None of which really scream socialist policy.

The man is really a lame duck. Many liked him for whatever reasons, but his time has come and gone. The current Democratic party wants nothing to do with those ideas.

We're left with two candidates now: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both of which are entirely worthless. Neither has any real skill or intelligence they people find attractive.

Clinton was a lawyer for some time. She was a moderately successfully lawyer and professor. She has no real accomplishments other than holding office.

Trump is pretty much a failure as well. Basic academics. OK businessman. Nothing really to note about him.

That's the battle we'll see unfold: two atrocious candidates battle it out over who is less mediocre.

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